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Tue 28th Aug 2012

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Young people in Activity Centre Boyz night 2
The YMCA in England is the largest voluntary sector provider of safe, supported accommodation for single men and women aged between 16-30 years old.

Colchester YMCA has a 44-room supported housing unit. We house young people aged 16-25, supporting them to ensure that they will become responsible adults, working or in education/training, who are able to maintain a tenancy and look after themselves when they leave the YMCA. The residents are able to stay at the YMCA for a two year period, and after support and training we successfully move them on to independent living.

Our youth work includes activities and sports sessions in our Activity Centre on site, "Come Dine With Me" sessions where young people learn about independent living and healthy eating, and music workshops. We chat with young people about a variety of topics, including relationships/family issues, local community issues, drugs & alcohol, law & order, sexual health, bereavement, domestic abuse and self harm.

"I was hugely impressed by the range of work that the local YMCA undertakes not only with its tenants but also with others in the local community too, and I much enjoyed meeting some of the young people with whom the YMCA is working."
(Revd Christopher Morgan, Bishop of Colchester & President of Colchester YMCA, Nov 2012)